Regenerate, heal and glow with good health

YOUR BODY AND ITS AMAZING ABILITY TO REGENERATE. Do you wish to improve your health? Do you have pain or illness or are you just fed up with the appearance of your skin and hair as well as your poor energy levels and depressed mood. I am constantly amazed at the extraordinary ability of our […]

My famous Carrot Cakes

When I host a Dayspa experience the lunch often ends with these scrumptious little carrot cakes which my clients often rave about and request the recipe. My famous Carrot cake Recipe; 1/2 orange ( do not peel) 3 eggs 1 cup sugar and a squirt of Stevia. ( 1 1/2 cups sugar in Fernz recipe) […]

Mumma’s Minestrone Soup Recipe

Here’s a soup recipe which I made one Sunday for my weekday lunches and a couple of easy dinners. Makes a huge potful of hearty filling soup which is ready and waiting to warm your tum when it’s cold and you are hungry.   Mumma’s Minestrone Soup 2 large onions chopped 2 garlic cloves 10 […]

What is Kinesiology?

‘Touch for Health’ Kinesiology is a tool for working with the connection between the mind and body, using the electromagnetic energy system known as ‘meridians’. We use a series of muscle tests which provide biofeedback about your wellbeing and then use techniques to correct imbalances and may also give you some recommendations to continue the […]

Womens Day Spa Experience in Tauranga

Tranquil Therapy Day Spa Experience

If you are looking for an affordable retreat for half day or longer, phone Diane and she will be happy to arrange an experience to escape from the world to a tranquil haven set amidst pleasant gardens and relaxing views of the Waikareao estuary.