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Regenerate, heal and glow with good health


Do you wish to improve your health? Do you have pain or illness or are you just fed up with the appearance of your skin and hair as well as your poor energy levels and depressed mood.

I am constantly amazed at the extraordinary ability of our bodies to regenerate and heal. It’s a shame that some people just accept particular problems or disease or discomfort and say things like “Oh I’ve always had this problem, its never going to get any better.”

This is so untrue. There is always room for improvement and sometimes its as simple as changing a bad habit or finding some new way of supporting your body. Nutrition and exercise and avoidance of toxins are key.

Here are a few facts that may blow your mind:

SKIN: The skin inside the surface of your mouth can regenerate in a day or two. The top layer of the Epidermis or surface layer of skin is renewed every five to six weeks.

TASTEBUDS: Each tastebud renews itself within 2 weeks.

HEART: It was previously believed that the heart could not renew itself but the latest research suggests that about half of the hearts muscle cells are replaced over the course of a lifetime. The heart is also dotted with stem cells that can rejuvenate and with exciting  research into stem cell transplants it will be possible to rejuvenate areas of  heart damage.

EYELASHES: Renewed every 3 months

LIVER: This is the largest organ in the body and is responsible for metabolism, weight control and good general health.
A living adult can donate 2/3 of their Liver to someone and it can grow back to normal size and function in a couple of months provided there is no underlying liver problem.
For optimum function, avoidance of alcohol, analgesics and other toxins as well as a healthy diet are necessary.

So, if you want better health make the effort to learn about good nutrition, by reading health articles, reading labels on the food you buy and opting for fresh, natural unadulterated foods. You may even like to try growing and cooking more of your own food. You will be rewarded for your efforts with good health and good health means a good life.

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