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Therapy Treatment Menu & Price List




      A relaxing, healing massage designed to reduce pain and tension, realign the body, unblock energy channels with aromatherapy to balance the body and mind.
      30 MINS: $35 | 45 MINS: $55 | 60 MINS: $70 | 80 MINS: $85 | 90 MINS $100


      A warming comforting massage using heated stones to massage away the troubles and tensions of a busy life. This is a deeply relaxing experience which incorporates balancing chakra stones to restore energy and equilibrium.
      60 MINS: $120


      A nurturing massage tailored to suit the needs of different trimesters of pregnancy. Special positioning and pillows are used.
      60 MINS: $70


      Based on the Indian Head Massage you will receive a comprehensive scalp massage with acupressure points, facial massage and neck, arms and hands.
      45 MINS: $55


      Foot spa followed by reflexology which incorporates stimulation of reflex points in the feet to bring balance to the body.
      35 MINS: $45



Sensory Experiences:

      An aromatherapy facial with cleansing, exfoliation, acupressure, massage and essential oil compresses to balance and nourish your skin.
      40 MINS:  $65
    • DELUXE FACIAL: Sixty minutes of luxurious treatment with ‘Skin Deep’ products which contain active Manuka honey to rejuvenate beautiful skin. Includes hands/foot massage.
      60 MINS: $85
      Revitalise body and soul with a day spa experience. Slip into a warm robe and begin with a foot soak and scrub before luxuriating in the hot spa. Then return to the massage room for a full body massage and deluxe facial. A foot tidy, massage and reflexology complete the ritual. You then enjoy a freshly prepared, healthy lunch or afternoon tea with refreshing juice or herbal tea or coffee.
      160-180 MINS (timing can vary depending on how long you spend in spa and eating etc.) $250
        a) MAKE IT A TANDEM: Make time to reconnect with a friend and the two of you can enjoy a Half Day Spa side by side: ADD $230
        b) TOENAIL PAINT: Cuticle care and a colour of your choice to leave your feet looking as good as they feel. ADD $25
        c) BACK EXFOLIATION & MASK: Scrub and hydrating mask for a smooth beautiful back. ADD $30.
        Read more about the womens day spa experience


      Foot spa and scrub, full massage plus Deluxe Facial using exclusive salon product 110 MINS: $155


Mind & Body Balance:


      A deeply relaxing and healing therapy received whilst resting fully clothed on the massage table.
      The therapist places the hands on or above the body to transfer energy to balance the energetic system using Reiki.
      30 MINS : $35 | 60 MINS: $60

Waxing Services:

    • Lip Wax: $15
    • Chin Wax: $15
    • Lip and Chin: $25

Eye Enhancement:

    • Brow wax /shape: $20
    • Brow wax/shape and tint: $28
    • Brow tint: $15
    • Eyelash tint: $20
    • Eyelash and brow tint and shape: $38

Beautiful Hands & Feet

      • Mini pedicure: $40
      • Full pedicure: $65
      • Removal of shellac or gel polish: $10

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Tranquil Therapy Gift Vouchers are a great way to treat a special someone, whether it’s for a Birthday, Mother’s Day, special occasion, or just to say “Thanks!”.


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