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Which type of massage is right for you?

Which type of massage is right for you?

Therapeutic, Relaxation, Swedish Massage, or Deep Tissue?

For the person new to massage it can be very confusing to know which is which.

Some people think of a relaxation massage as only including very light flowing strokes and not being of therapeutic benefit, however this varies from therapist to therapist. A therapeutic massage can also be very relaxing and may include light flowing strokes as well as targeting knots (adhesions) with friction and pressure. A Swedish massage is also relaxing and therapeutic. In fact each therapist will differ even if they have the same training. Deep tissue massage is generally more uncomfortable and the therapist will use elbows, knuckles and very hard pressure.

My advice would be to talk to the therapist and ensure that he/she is able to perform lighter or deeper work according to your needs.

A good massage therapist is one that reads your body’s response and tailors the massage to your needs.

The way that I work uses a combination of techniques starting with lighter effleurage strokes and progressing to medium or deeper pressure, as you require.  I do not feel that a painful massage is necessary to achieve release.

My recommendation would be to start with ‘ONE WONDERFUL HOUR’.

This is a popular choice for massage because it gives time to gradually become accustomed to the massage, for me to assess the needs of your body and to address any specific areas of concern. The main purpose of the massage is to increase oxygen flow to the tissues via the circulation and to release toxins like lactic acid, uric acid and other metabolic wastes. This means that your recovery time from any muscular strain following sport or exertion will be shortened i.e. You will feel better faster! The massage also stretches ligaments and tendons keeping them supple and pliable thereby avoiding the likelihood of future injury. It also stimulates and soothes the skin and nervous system.

Now, that’s a long, round about way of saying the massage is to make you feel great!

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