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What is Kinesiology?

‘Touch for Health’ Kinesiology is a tool for working with the connection between the mind and body, using the electromagnetic energy system known as ‘meridians’. We use a series of muscle tests which provide biofeedback about your wellbeing and then use techniques to correct imbalances and may also give you some recommendations to continue the strengthening of your body/mind.

“Muscles, we now know are where the body-mind interaction takes place. At some stage you may have had ‘nervous diarrhoea’, which is simply the muscles expressing our emotion. The tension you feel in your neck when things are ‘weighing you down’ can stay long after the problem has been dealt with. Remembering this situation or a similar one reactivates your ‘old neck trouble’. The body becomes your VDU, or visual display of your bio-computer.” – John Thie

These examples are to give you an idea as to how touch reflexes can help the body let go of postural problems and pains. We can use spinal reflexes, neurolymphatic massage points and neurovascular holding points as well as foods for balancing.

I still have a lot more study to do on Kinesiology but have completed the foundation stage which is enough to share with you and be of some assistance to your health.

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