Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower remedies work on an energy level, working with your vibrations to balance a negative emotion or feeling. They do not change your personality, but rather assist you to function in a positive manner.

Dr Edward Bach was well ahead of his time in discovering how emotional states can lead to physical illness if they are left untreated. He developed the Bach Flower remedies after finding that various plants and trees affected thought and feeling. He came to understand that for each human emotional state or pattern, there is a flower whose essence possesses an equal and opposite pattern. When these plants  are used for their complementary states, they balance our emotions and consequently, assist in the prevention and treatment of physical illness. – Ainsworths Brochure

So, if you would like to counteract some feeling, be it a fear, anxiety or melancholy, I can guide you through a simple process of choosing a suitable remedy.


Custom Bach Flowers Order Form

Choose the flowers which match your  feelings. Submit the below and I will make them up before your next appointment. Just fill out your details, tick up to 7 flower names which best suit the way you are feeling, and click submit.

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hidden, worry or inner torment
anxiety, apprehension for fears of unknown origin
intolerance,criticism, judgemental
over-obliging, easily influenced
doubts own ability, indecisive, easily led
fearful of ‘losing it’, being violent
failure to learn from past mistakes, refusing to learn by experience
clingy, manipulative, possessive, self pity
dreamy, don’t pay attention, lack of interest in the present
obsessive need to clean, self conscious, ashamed
temporary feelings of inadequacy, overwhelmed
self doubt, discouraged, despondent
hopelessness, despair
talkative, needs company, self concerned
hatred, envy, jealousy, suspicion
dwelling on the past, homesickness
tiredness, weariness (mentally)
impatient, irritated, tense
chronic lack of confidence, expects to fail
fear or anxiety of known origin, nervous, shy
sudden gloom or moodiness
overachieving in spite of exhaustion or despair
complete exhaustion- physical and mental. Burn out
self reproach, guilt
over caring and worrying for others. Excessive fear and anxiety
terror, extreme fright, panic
self denial, martyrdom
indecision, hesitantancy.
shock, grief, fright
extreme mental anguish, hopelessness.
stress due to over enthusiasm. Fanatical.
arrogant, dominating, ambitious, dictatorial
oversensitive to change or new ideas
reserved, aloof, withdrawn
persistent unwanted thoughts
uncertain, dissatisfied with path in life
apathetic, resigned
resentment, bitterness, self pity