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Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage is one of the most divine experiences in the massage and spa industry.

Its popularity is most likely due to the reports of an exceptional feeling of luxury, being pampered with the comforting warmth of the stones at the same time as receiving quality therapeutic massage.  It is a special massage that takes one to a deeper level of relaxation and healing.

The history of Stones being used for healing dates back through the centuries. The earliest cultures using stones for relief of pain and tension included the Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Hawaiians, Native Americans, Egyptians, Africans and Aborigines.

The Chinese used the heated stones to relieve tired muscles even before the Shang Dynasty (c2000-1500bc). In India, Ayurvedic massage treatment with hot stones is designed to balance the chakras.

The Hawaiians incorporate hot lava rocks in their Lomi Lomi massage according to Kahuna tradition.

Native Americans used hot rocks both in the sweat lodges and the women used them for painful menses. Travelling cowboys heated rocks on the fire and used them under their bedding to keep them warm whilst sleeping on the ground.

Shaman, medicine people and spiritual healers all over the world use stones and crystals in their healing ceremonies.

I studied the Sacred Stone method of Hot Stone Massage. On my menu it is listed as HOT STONE HEAVEN. What you will find is that it will be a very comfortable massage and yet deep release can be achieved in a most subtle way. This is due to the fact that the heat of the stones penetrates deep into the soft tissue softening and relaxing the tension without the discomfort of a deep tissue massage.

There are a few contraindications to Hot Stone Massage but this will be discussed when you make your booking in which case an alternative may be suggested.

I look forward to introducing you to the sensation of hot stone massage.

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